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Super Shrooms are common healing items that can be found throughout Mario's journey.


A truly super Mushroom. Restores 10 HP.

Buying Prices

Super Shrooms are found in many shops across the Mushroom Kingdom. Purchasable for 20 coins at Harry's Shop and at the Shiver Shop, for 15 at Yoshi's Cabana, for 13 at Boo's Shop, for the low price of 10 coins at the Star Haven Shop and for the exaggerated price of 30 coins at Bowser's Storhouse. Rip Cheato also sells a Super Shroom as his 6th item.

Selling Prices

Super Shrooms have a consistent selling price of 7 coins, regardless of the shop.


Tayce T. can cook various dishes using the Super Shroom combined with various other items. Here's a list.

Second Item Result
None Fried Shroom
Honey Syrup Honey Super
Maple Syrup Maple Super
Jammin'Jelly Jelly Super
Koopa Leaf Life Shroom
Goomnut Life Shroom
Strange Leaf Life Shroom
Dried Fruit Volt Shroom
Egg Bland Meal
Iced Potato Bland Meal
Dried Pasta Bland Meal
Fire Flower Bland Meal
Volt Shroom Hot Shroom
Dried Shroom Hot Shroom
Mushroom Hot Shroom
Life Shroom Shroom Steak
Ultra Shroom Shroom Steak
Cake Mix Shroom Cake

Overworld Locations

  • Found in a question block found in Goomba Road, on the screen with Goomba King's Fortress. The block only appears when the nearby empty block is hammered.
  • Found in a question block one screen right of the entrance of Toad Town Tunnels.
  • Found in a question block after hammering ten times the empty block one screen north of the entrance to Dry Dry Desert.
  • Found by breaking a crate in the left room of the basement of Boo's Mansion.
  • Found in a question block one screen before the entrance to Tubba Blubba's Castle in Gusty Gulch.
  • Found in a question block in Mt.Lavalava, in the room above Lava Piranha's location.
  • Found in a question block in the Crystal Palace, one screen north of the main room.
  • Found in a question block in the room with the two Dry Bones in Bowser's Castle.
  • Two are found in two of the question blocks, located one screen after the quiz room of Bowser's Castle.

Lil'Oink Drops

The White Lil'Oinks drop Super Shrooms when they flee. Those Lil'Oinks have a 15/101 chance of appearing.

Enemy Drops

Many enemies can drop Super Shrooms after battle.

Enemy Drop Chance
Clubba 5/101
Shy Guy 1/101
Sky Guy 5/202
Lava Bubble 5/101
Putrid Piranha 5/101
Lakitu 25/404
Gulpit 4/101
White Clubba 5/101
Duplighost 5/404
Koopatrol 5/101
Bony Beetle 5/101
Hammer Bro 5/202
Magikoopa 5/404
Dry Bones 5/101
Bombshell Bill 3/101