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Stryder7x, often referred to as simply Stryder, is an American YouTuber who focuses on making content related to Paper Mario; specifically the game's technical mechanics and glitches. As of April 2020, he has over 258,000 subscribers and over 46 million views in total. His avatar is an Anti Guy.


Stryder is best known for his videos covering glitches in Paper Mario, which are often titled as "(Mundane Action that results in a Glitch) crashes Paper Mario." He also uses these glitches to explain certain speedrunning tactics as well as the results of doing certain things that a player would never normally do - such as mathematically determining how many years a timer to bake a cake needs in order to overflow and accept the cake as perfectly cooked.

Most of his videos and the glitches found within use a trick called Loading Zone Storage, in which frame-perfect inputs are done on a controller to make Mario jump into and out of the loading zone, changing the angle he enters the next room at when he stops jumping and usually dropping Mario out of bounds, where he can be controlled to get past certain walls and story flags.