Dried Fruit

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Dried Fruits are rare healing items that can only be dropped by Pokeys in Dry Dry Desert.


A fruit found deep within Dry Dry Desert. Restores 15 HP.

Selling Prices

Dried Fruits sell at 5 coins at all shops, with the exception of the Shroom Grocery who buys them for 20 coins instead.


Tayce T. can combine the Dried Fruit with various other items to create new dishes. Here's a list.

Second Item Result
Mushroom Volt Shroom
Super Shroom Volt Shroom
Ultra Shroom Volt Shroom
Life Shroom Volt Shroom
Volt Shroom Thunder Rage
Iced Potato Yummy Meal
Dried Pasta Yummy Meal
Strange Leaf Fire Flower

Enemy Drops

Pokey are the only enemies to drop Dried Fruit after being defeated.

Enemy Drop Chance
Pokeys 27/202