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Scavenge is a challenge-run restriction for limiting item-usage. A scavenge run prohibits sold goods or cooked items to be used in battle (you'll still use Dried Shroom and Dusty Hammer for Moustafa and Cake for Gourmet Guy), effectively banning Shops, Rip Cheato, Lil'Oinks and Tayce T.

Items Checklist

This is a checklist for all items found in the overworld, for more specific item locations, look in the item or area's page.

  • Shiver City
    • Iced Potato
    • Mushroom x4 (after unlocking Shiver Mountain)
    • Ultra Shroom (after unlocking Shiver Mountain)
  • Bowser's Castle
    • Super Shroom x3
    • Life Shroom x2
    • Maple Syrup x2
    • Honey Syrup
    • Tasty Tonic
    • Thunder Rage
    • Shooting Star
    • Mystery?
    • POW Block
    • Jammin'Jelly
    • Ultra Shroom
  • Peach Intermission
    • Jammin'Jelly (post-chapter 5 intermission)
    • Shooting Star (post-chapter 6 intermission)


For low-level runs, extra Fright Jars may be purchased if necessary for the sake of Star Point preservation.