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Mushrooms are common healing items found throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.


A regular Mushroom. Restores 5 HP.

Buying Prices

Mushrooms can be bought in three different shops. Sold at 5 coins at the Shroom Grocery, at 4 coins at the Koopa's Shop and at a mere 3 coins at Little Mouser's Shop. A Mushroom also appears as the seventh item sold by Rip Cheato

Selling Prices

Mushrooms can be sold for 2 coins at any store.


Tayce T. can cook various dishes using a Mushroom combined with various other items. Here's a list.

Second Item Result
None Fried Shroom
Dried Shroom Fried Shroom
Honey Syrup Honey Shroom
Maple Syrup Maple Shroom
Jammin'Jelly Jelly Shroom
Koopa Leaf Volt Shroom
Goomnut Volt Shroom
Strange Leaf Volt Shroom
Dried Fruit Volt Shroom
Egg Bland Meal
Iced Potato Bland Meal
Dried Pasta Bland Meal
Fire Flower Hot Shroom
Super Shroom Hot Shroom
Volt Shroom Hot Shroom
Ultra Shroom Shroom Steak
Life Shroom Shroom Steak
Cake Mix Shroom Cake

Overworld locations

Mushrooms can also be found in various locations throughout Mario's journey. Here's a list of such locations.

  • On the screen with the broken balcony at Goomba Village, dropped by hitting the tree near the Heart Block.
  • Found by examining the first Mushroom signpost in Goomba Road.
  • Found in a question block in the second screen of Mt. Rugged.
  • Found in a question block after hammering the empty block one screen north of the entrance to Dry Dry Desert.
  • May be placed in front of the chest with the Storeroom Key in the blue area of Shy Guy's Toy Box. (It depends on the Peach's choices during the intermission.)
  • Held by a Shy Guy in the Shy Guy Playground at the Toy Box. Guaranteed drop if the Shy Guy is defeated.
  • Can be dropped at the slot machine inside of Shy Guy's Toy Box. Drops one if two Mushroom icons are matched and five if you get the three mushroom icons.
  • Found in the third screen of Raphael the Raven's portion of the Jade Jungle, after pulling on a vine.
  • Four of them are found in the Shiver City's inn after sleeping there while the passage to Shiver Mountain has been unlocked.

Enemy Drops

Some enemies can drop Mushrooms after battle.

Enemy Drop Chance
Goomba 5/101
Paragoomba 5/101
Spiky Goomba 5/101
Koopa Troopa 3/202
Jail Room Koopa¹ 5/202
Bullet Bill 3/101
Sky Guy 5/202

¹The Koopa Troopa with three Bob-ombs fought after Bombette joins your party.