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Kooper is one of your partners (the second one you obtain) in Paper Mario. He is a loyal Koopa who follows Mario along on his adventure to save Princess Peach.

Background & Personality

Kooper is a kind, caring Koopa with a unique blue shell that lives in Koopa Village. He presumably lives alone. He has always dreamed of becoming an adventurer and explorer like his childhood hero and neighbor, Kolorado. His house in the village resembles the others, being built out of what appears to be a large green Koopa shell. A palm tree grows out of its roof, which is unique to only this house. The inside is also the only house to have a backdoor to a wooded area. In addition to his shell, Kooper also dresses uniquely, with blue shoes to match his shell and a red bandana on his neck.

Story Progression

You first meet Kooper in Chapter 1 when Koopa Village is in shambles because of a sudden Fuzzy invasion. Knocking on Kooper's door will cause Kooper to come outside and explain to you that he needs you to retrieve his shell from a Fuzzy that stole it, which leads you to a backdoor wooded area where you can play a quick game to get the shell back. Getting his shell back will cause Kooper to arrive in the wooded area and explain that he has newfound confidence and wants to retrieve the shell himself. Unfortunately for him, he is robbed of his short redemption arc by you since you have already taken the shell back from the gang of Fuzzies. Nevertheless, he is ecstatic that he has his shell again, and tells you about how he aspires to become an explorer and asks to join you on your adventure. Once you accept (declining will just begin the prompt again), he will be added to your party.

Kooper PartnerPortrait.png

After joining you, Kooper becomes one of many partners that can be swapped out at any time. Over the course of the game, he does have unique dialogue that can be read if he is your active partner during specific sequences.

In Chapter 7, when you are travelling up Shiver Mountain, you will have to hit a blue ! Switch with Kooper's overworld ability to create a bridge to continue on the path. After Kooper gets out of his shell you will notice that there are 2 of him. Both Koopers will try to convince you that they are the real one, and it is up to you to decide which one to hit with your hammer. Whichever one you choose, the fake Kooper will be revealed to be a duplighost in disguise. This happens again later in the chapter in the Crystal Palace, but rather than changing their appearance to match Kooper, the 4 duplighosts will slip up and disguise as Luigi, Kolorado, Goompa and Koopa Koot instead.

In the Epilogue, we see that Kooper has realized his dream, and is in Shiver City helping Kolorado by leading an expedition to the Crystal Palace; finally working alongside his hero. Parakarry interrupts the expedition right before it begins by inviting Kooper to Princess Peach's Castle for the party at the end of the game. He can later be seen in the castle with the rest of the partners, where he receives thanks from Princess Peach for saving the kingdom and regaining peace.

Overworld Ability

In the overworld, you can press Button CDown.png to use Kooper's overworld ability, where he recedes into his shell and shoots forward for a short distance before returning to your side and coming out of his shell. While doing this Kooper will float in the air and across gaps, so this ability can be used to activate out-of-reach switches, pick up loose items, or First Strike enemies (he is one of two partners that can first strike enemies, along with Bombette).

Battle Abilities

Shell Toss

  • Power:
    • Regular: 1 or 2 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Super Ranked: 2 or 3 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Ultra Ranked: 3 or 5 (Depending on Action Command)
  • FP Required: None
  • Action Command: Tilt Button AnLeft.png until ActionCommandGo.png lights up
  • Target: Single grounded enemy
  • Description: While executing his standard attack, Kooper retreats into his shell, spins, and blasts off, hitting the enemy at the head of the party.

Power Shell

  • Power:
    • Regular: 1 or 2 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Super Ranked: 1 or 3 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Ultra Ranked: 1 or 4 (Depending on Action Command)
  • FP Required: 3
  • Action Command: Tilt Button AnLeft.png until ActionCommandGo.png lights up
  • Target: All grounded enemies
  • Description: Kooper's Power Shell attack is a Shell Toss that hits all of the enemies in the party. It's very effective against big parties of weak enemies.

Dizzy Shell

  • Super Rank required
  • Effect: If successful, makes enemies dizzy, preventing them from doing anything for 1 to 4 turns.
  • FP Required: 4
  • Action Command: Repeatedly press Button A.png to fill the gauge
  • Target: Multiple grounded enemies (amount depends on action command)
  • Description: The Dizzy Shell attack is a specialty of the Dark Koopas in Toad Town Tunnels. With it, you can attempt to make all enemies in the party dizzy.

Fire Shell

  • Ultra Rank required
  • Power: 1 to 6 (Depending on Action Command)
  • FP Required: 5
  • Action Command: Repeatedly tilt Button AnLeft.png to fill the gauge
  • Target: All grounded enemies
  • Description: Kooper heats up and hits all enemies in the attacking party with his blazing Fire Shell attack. It's great for fighting a large number of baddies.

Challenge Run Viability

Kooper is regarded as a mid-tier in the world of challenge-running. Shell Toss doesn't stand out as a base move at any rank and although Power Shell sweeps the floor in the early game, it is later overshadowed by stronger multi-target attacks. Dizzy Shell is especially inconvenient, since the flying enemies, that it cannot reach are the ones bound to be weak to dizziness. It can still be used effectively on a few enemy formation, but overall challenge runners prefer not to use luck-based moves. Fire Shell deals alright damage for its FP and is useful in situations where the enemy has a fire weakness. It should be noted, that Kooper has no options at all against flying enemies, and flying bosses are way more common than spiky bosses. On the whole, he is serviceable enough in non-flying enemy encounters, but just doesn't stand out enough.

In-Game Dialogue

Blank line spaces indicate another character is speaking.

First Meeting

Who's there? I'm kind of busy right now!
What!? Wait... Could it be...?! Aren't you Mario!?
You are! My name's Kooper! Oh, I'm so psyched to meet you!
Us meeting here has gotta be fate or something. I need a huge favor... I hope you'll help me out.
This wild Fuzzy took my shell, which, next to my life, is the most important thing I have.
I can't go out without my shell, period. Way too embarrassing.
The problem is, the Fuzzies are too fast for me to catch alone.
So if you don't mind, can you help me get my shell back? I'm begging you!

The Fuzzy that took my shell is just inside my house.
I'll guard the door while you grab him like: Whump!

Returning Kooper's Shell

Mario! There you are! I realized I have to take a stand against these Fuzzies!
If I can't get my own shell, I'll lose my reputation!
I don't even care that I have no shell on! I'm gonna show these Fuzzies what's what!

Oh, yes! Yes! This is my shell, all right!
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Got my shell back! Uh-huh!
You're the greatest, Mario! I owe you big time!

Say, Mario...
I have an idea...
Do you happen to know Professor Kolorado?

Right! Well, I live next to him.
I've been admiring Professor Kolorado ever since I was in my egg!
Nothing would make me happier than traveling the world, solving mysteries like he does!
So... Do you think.. Could I... Please take me with you, Mario! I'll help! C'mon, lemme go!

Oh, yes!! Yes!! I'm on my way!
I swear, I, Kooper, will follow you anywhere, even to the ends of the earth!

Shiver Mountain Duplighost Encounter


What's wrong with my eyes? You look just like me!
Impostor! Who are you really? Tell me your name!

Wha... Wha... Whaaat!? That's impossible! I'm the one and only Kooper!!

I'm not lying! Mario...you know I'm Kooper, don't you?
Don't you recognize your buddy?

Why you... You're the one who should shut his mouth! I'm his buddy!

Fine! Yeah, fine with me! If you think you'll get away with a trick like that, fine!
I know Mario knows who I am. I believe in you, Mario!

Don't be such a crybaby! You lost!
What were you thinking, trying to trick Mario like that?

Crystal Palace Duplighost Encounter

Mario, come on! I'm Kooper! I mean, this is ridiculous.

Yes! Yes! Good call, Mario!
I knew you'd get it right! Those were the worst disguises ever!


Yeah! Leave it to me! I know the place front to back!

Huh? Parakarry? What brings you here?

Oh! Oh, wow! This is an invitation to a huge party at Princess Peach's Castle!
It's directly from the princess herself! It's got her signature on it and everything! Cool!
Oh, there's no way I can miss a bash this big! But...
...but I can't just turn my back on this expedition after I promised Prof. Kolorado...
I should stay here and...

Huh... I knew you'd say that, Prof. Kolorado! You're so kind and generous!
I'll do it! I hope you guys will be all right without me! I'm gonna party!

Letters Received

Kooper will receive 3 letters at the Post Office in Toad Town over the course of the game, which can be read at any time.

Kooper's Fan

Dear Mr. Kooper,

I must apologize for sending a letter out of the blue. ♥ But I had to! I saw you walking in Toad Town with Mario. You seem so strong and brave. So dashing...♥ If it's OK, I'd really love to have a talk with you. (Oh♥ How embarrassing! ♥) I'll write to you again soon. Good luck, brave Koopa!

Your Fan


Dear Kooper,

How goes the adventure? I can't believe you're hanging with Mario! I'm so jealous! Koopa Village is the same. Kolorado's wife is impatiently awaiting Kolorado's return. You and Kolorado... You guys have so much excitement in your lives. You're so lucky! Anyway, good luck, buddy!

Koover of Koopa Village

Kolorado's Wife

Kooper, how are you doing? Your mother dropped by for a visit the other day. We had a really nice talk over some Koopa Tea. She did seem disappointed that you were still on the road. She said that she's going to cook a delicious dinner when you come back, so you have something to look forward to. Oh yes! If you happen to see my wayward husband, please tell him to come home more often. Take care.

Kolorado's Wife


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