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Goombario is your first and one of many partners in Paper Mario. He is a young Goomba who idolizes Mario and aspires to become just like him.

Background & Personality

Goombario is a young, energetic Goomba that lives with his family in Goomba Village, consisting of his father, Goompapa, his mother, Goomama, his grandmother, Gooma, his grandfather, Goompa, his sister, Goombaria and himself. His house is long, and made out of wood. It looks over a cliff into the woods. Goombario idolizes Mario and wishes to be strong and to save the world, just like he does. He studies self-defense and exercises every day in hopes of becoming as strong as Mario. Like other goombas, he has a golden brown body (although his is darker than regular Goombas). He wears a unique dark-blue baseball cap on his head. His teeth are also much less pointed than other goombas, being square in shape.

Story Progression

You will first meet Goombario in the prologue in the first area after the opening cutscene, the Goomba Village. After falling off the veranda and following Goompa out of the woods, Goombario will express his concern for the missing pair, and then while Goompa leaves to get the Power Jump badge, Goombario and his sister will talk to you about how strong Goombario is and how he practices self-defense. When Goompa returns, he will suggest that Goombario join you on your adventure, becoming your first party member.

Goombario PartnerPortrait.png

After joining you, Goombario becomes one of many partners that can be swapped out at any time. Over the course of the game, he does have unique dialogue that can be read if he is your active partner during specific sequences. Out of all partners, he has the most unique dialogue due to his tattle ability being able to be used at any time in the game. As Goombario leaves home and follows you on your noble quest, his parents miss him and await his return eagerly.

Due to Goombario being your only partner, he is always active for certain important scenes in the early story, such as the first boss fight against Goomba King, meeting the Star Spirits at Shooting Star Summit, and the Action Command tutorial. Because of this, he has unique dialogue during cutscenes and battles.

In the Epilogue, we see that after the adventure is over, Goombario has returned home to his family and is playing with Goombaria. Parakarry arrives in the village to deliver a letter inviting Goombario to Princess Peach's Castle for the party at the end of the game. Goombario is very excited to attend, and he can later be seen in the castle along with the rest of the partners, where he receives thanks from Princess Peach for saving the kingdom and regaining peace.

Overworld Ability

In the overworld, you can press Button CDown.png to use Goombario's tattle overworld ability. Goombario will give you information about the area you are in, along with some personal insight, as well as other characters, provided you are standing close enough to them to talk to them. Although this ability cannot inherently be used for any puzzles like other partner abilities, the tattle can be very useful if you find that you are stuck, not knowing what to do.

Battle Abilities


  • Power:
    • Regular: 1 or 2 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Super Ranked: 2 or 4 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Ultra Ranked: 3 or 6 (Depending on Action Command)
  • FP Required: None
  • Action Command: Press Button A.png right before landing
  • Target: Single grounded or airborne enemy
  • Description: Goombario leaps high into the air, flips and pounds his enemies with a strong head-to-head blow—great for fighting other goombas.


  • Effect: Goombario will give information about the enemy including their stats. After he is finished, all of the target enemy will have their HP displayed for the rest of the game.
  • FP Required: None
  • Action Command: None
  • Target: Single enemy
  • Description: With extensive knowledge of the Mushroom Kingdom, Goombario can use tattle to tell you about enemies and reveal their Heart Points.


  • Super Rank required
  • Effect: Raises attack power by 2 for the next time Goombario attacks. Can be repeated for an increased effect.
  • FP Required: 1
  • Action Command: None
  • Description: By using the Charge, you can raise Goombario's attack power by two points for his next attack—great in combination with Multibonk.


  • Ultra Rank required
  • Power:
    • Ultra Ranked: 3, then 2, then 1, up to 101 hits (Depending on Action Command)
  • FP Required: 3
  • Action Command: Press Button A.png right before landing
  • Target: Single grounded or airborne enemy
  • Description: If you're a fan of the Power Bounce badge, you'll like Multibonk. With good timing, you can use it to pound your enemy repeatedly.

Challenge Run Viability

The community deems Goombario as a mid-tier partner. Headbonk ties with Smack as the strongest 0 FP at Ultra-Rank, but unlike Smack is not obsolete against enemies with defense and furthermore has the propriety to flip Koopas. Multibonk is also useful, since it's able to deal big damage with low FP cost. Charging helps Goombario bypass defence, and together with Multibonk can deal huge damage in one turn potentially bypassing phases in a boss' AI. Unfortunately Multibonk can't compare with Power Bounce since Mario has much more attack buffs, Multibonk is unaffected by Dodge Master and suffers from a glitch that prevents its effective use. (See Multibonk Glitch for more details.) Also charging may lead to big damage, but they are often faster methods to deal as much damage depending on the situation. In addition Charge has little use at Super-Rank and his 4 Damage Headbonk is overshadowed by Bow's 5 damage smack and Watt's piercing 4 damage Electro Dash. To top it off, Tattle is rather useless for challenge runs and Goombario cannot do anything against spiky or fiery enemies. All in all, Goombario is an alright partner who wields an economic moveset consisting of unvaried and undereffective strong-hitting moves,

In-Game Dialogue

Blank line spaces indicate another character is speaking.

After talking to Goompa for the first time

Oh! Mario... My dad was looking for you. He said to tell you that he finished fixing the gate.
So I guess now you can travel east to Toad Town and Shooting Star Summit, huh?

After returning home with Goompa

Goompa! Where've you been?
I looked outside! Both you and the veranda were just plain gone!

Huh? Hey... That dolly you've got... That's the one Goombaria lost!
She was looking all over for it. Would you give it back to her?

You always seem to beat up your enemies... Do you work out?
I study self-defense by reading books by the masters and listening to Dad and Goompa.
And, I also exercise every day so I can be strong like you! It's starting to show, too! I'm getting big muscles!

Oh, be quiet, Goombaria! You're embarrassing me! Of course, it IS true...

It's OK, Goompa! We're just rapping with Mario...

Oh yeah! Mario can beat Bowser with one hand tied behind his back!'re so lucky!
Princess-rescuing is so cool! I really want to be an adventurer, too, someday!

What!? Really!? May I go, Goompa!? May I really go!?
Yes!!!!! Oh yeah!!! Mario! You won't regret this!

This is so cool! Mario! Let's go!!

Oh, hang on now, Mario! I noticed you aren't wearing the Badge Goompa gave you.
You know, that Badge won't do anything if you don't wear it. I think you'd better put that thing on before you go.

First Battle

Hey, Mario, during a battle, you can change the order we attack in with Z.
I can attack first if you want. I don't mind at all! Just keep it in mind, OK?

After arriving at Goomba King's Fortress

Hey, look, Mario! See that building over there?
I'm pretty sure there used to be a bridge on the other side. I wonder what happened to it.

Wow... That King Goomba is... really huge!
I'm sure he's no match for you, though, Mario! Let's get him!

Battle against Goomba King

Hey Mario! I think maybe we ought to take out the Goomba Bros. first, don't you think?
They must be pretty weak since we just finished beating them up back there.

After defeating Goomba King

Yeah! I knew we could do it! Cooool!! Victory!!

After pressing the switch to transform the fortress into the bridge

Look! The bridge!! Now we can cross it and continue our journey. All right!

After speaking to the Star Spirits at Shooting Star Summit

Mario... It looks like things are a lot more serious than I thought...
Do you think the princess is going to be all right? I'm really worried about her.

After finishing the Action Command tutorial from Twink

Terrific! You'll be much tougher in battle now!

There he goes... back to Bowser's Castle. What a brave little guy...
OK, Mario, let's get down to business!

Meeting Kooper

Hey, Mario. It looks like he's in a bad way. We ought to help him out.

Returning Kooper's shell

We already got the shell back.

Good to hear you're happy.

Naturally he's a Koopa who's a professor of archaeology. He's also known as an explorer.

What do you think, Mario?


Hey Parakarry, what's up?
I thought you were back at work delivering letters.

Huh? From Princess Peach!? Whoa! What's she writing to me for?

Thanks, Parakarry! See ya! Keep working hard, buddy! Take care!

Hang on, Goombaria...
Jeepers! This is an invitation to a party! At the castle!
It says the princess is having a party and I'm invited to go have fun! Whoa! Whoa! WHOOAAAAA!


The list of Goombario's tattles would have been to much to include on his main page so we have made a separate page to catalogue them: List of Tattles

Letters Received

Goombario will receive 3 letters at the Post Office in Toad Town over the course of the game, which can be read at any time.

Red and Blue Goomba


You were a lot stronger than you looked. We figured you were just some punk Goomba hanging around with Mario. Anyway, you proved yourself to us that being good is as important as being strong. So... When you come back, do you think maybe we could be...friends?

Please say yes! We'll be waiting!

Red & Blue Goomba Bros.


Dear Goombario,

How goes the adventure with Mario? Is it fun? Are you being a brave Goomba? Remember to relish your time out in the wide world. Grow wise from your travels. I wish to the Stars that your adventure will prove to be a fruitful one. If you can, drop in on us old folks now and again. Gooma misses you terribly I'm looking forward to seeing you as a grown-up.



Dear Goombario,

How are you, my cute Goombario? We're all doing fine here. I hope your Tattle ability has finally become useful. Stop by whenever you get the chance. We all miss you.

Good luck, my little Goomnut!

I'll be thinking of you.



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