Fried Shroom

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Fried Shrooms are basic dishes that can be cooked by Tayce T. given the right ingredients.


A snack made by Tayce T. Restores 6 HP and 2 FP.­

Selling Prices

Fried Shrooms sell for 5 coins at any shop.


There is a single recipe that requires a Fried Shroom as an ingredient, combined with a Potato Salad it makes a Bland Meal. As for recipes that result as a Fried Shroom, here's a list.

First Item Second Item
Mushroom None
Mushroom Dried Shroom
Dried Shroom¹ None
Dried Shroom Fire Flower
Super Shroom None

Cooking a Mystery? can also randomly result in a Shroom Fry.

¹ will only result in a Fried Shroom, after Tayce T. is given the Cookbook, and will otherwise result in a Mistake.