Fire Flower

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Fire Flowers are regular attacking items that can be acquired during Mario's adventure.


A flower that burns all enemies with fireballs. Attack Power: 3

Buying Prices

Fire Flowers can be bought in various shops; at the Shroom Grocery for 10 coins, at Koopa's Shop for 8 coins and at a mere 5 coins at Yoshi's Cabana.

Selling Prices

Fire Flowers usually sell for 4 coins at shops, although Harry's Shop will accept them for 7 coins and the Shiver Shop will take them for a generous price of 8 coins.


Tayce T. can cook various meals by mixing certain ingredients with the Fire Flower. Here's a list.

Second Item Result
None Spicy Soup
Super Shroom Bland Meal
Volt Shroom Bland Meal
Life Shroom Bland Meal
Goomnut Bland Meal
Ultra Shroom Yummy Meal
Mushroom Hot Shroom
Dried Shroom Fried Shroom
Egg Egg Missile
Cake Mix Fire Pop
Iced Potato Frozen Fires

There is one recipe in the game that results in a Fire Flower, being a Dried Fruit mixed with a Strange Leaf. Cooking a Mystery? may also randomly result in a Fire Flower.

Overworld Locations

  • Found on a ledge on the screen of Goomba Village with the broken balcony.
  • Found in an invisible question block on the fourth screen of Pleasant Path.
  • Found in the C3 square of Dry Dry Desert, in the middle question block.
  • Found in the A6 square of Dry Dry Desert, behind a cactus.
  • Found in an invisible question block at the Green Station of Shy Guy's Toy Box.
  • Held by a Shy Guy in the Shy Guy Playground at the Toy Box. Guaranteed drop if the Shy Guy is defeated.
  • Found by pulling a vine in the third screen of Jade Jungle's depths.

Lil'Oink Drops

The Pink Lil'Oinks will drop Fire Flowers once they flee. This kind of Lil'Oinks have a 15/101 chance of appearing.

Enemy Drops

Various enemies may drop Fire Flower after battle.

Enemy Drop Chance
Bob-omb 5/202
Piranha Plant 5/101
Spy Guy 1/101
Pyro Guy 5/101
Jade Jungle Ambush¹ 5/101
Frost Piranha 5/101

¹ this refers to the unique encounter with 3 Putrid Piranhas and a White Magikoopa in the depths of Jade Jungle.

Crystal King Oddity

The Fire Flower item has a fire element propriety, and thus is supposed to deal extra damage to Crystal King who has a weakness to the fire element. Oddly, Fire Flowers will still deal the regular 3 damage against him, and only Kooper's Fire Shell will count as elemental damage against this boss.