Dried Shroom

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Dried Shrooms are healing items that are found throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Consuming this item will trigger Mario's disgust animation, signifying its putrid taste.


A very dry Mushroom. Restores 1 HP.­

Buying Prices

Dried Shrooms can be bought from Little Mouser's Shop at the price of two coins, and from Rip Cheato for his eight and ninth item. He also keeps selling Dried Shrooms from the eleventh item onward.

Selling Prices

Dried Shrooms sell for a single coin at most shops, although the Shroom Grocery and Boo's Shop will accept them for 3 coins instead.

Specific Usage

Purchasing a Dried Shroom followed by a Dusty Hammer in Dry Dry Oupost will signify the Shopkeeper that Mario can meet Moustafa, otherwise the player will be unable to progress threw the story. A Dried Shroom must also be purchased as the fourth item in the sequence to obtain the Red Jar, an item needed in one of Koopa Koot's sidequests.


Various dishes can be prepared with Tayce T., by combining certain items with the Dried Shroom. Here's a list.

Second Item Result
None Fried Shroom¹
Fire Flower Fried Shroom
Mushroom Fried Shroom
Super Shroom Hot Shroom
Volt Shroom Hot Shroom
Life Shroom Shroom Steak
Ultra Shroom Shroom Steak
Special Shake Healthy Juice

¹will only result in a Fried Shroom, after Tayce T. is given the Cookbook, and will otherwise result in a Mistake.

Overworld Locations

Lil'Oink Drops

Black Lil'Oinks drop a Dried Shroom when they flee the pen. Those Lil'Oinks have a 15/101 chance of appearing.

Enemy Drops

A few enemies can drop Dried Shrooms after battle.

Enemy Drop Chance
Hyper Goomba 20/101
Hyper Paragoomba 20/101
Shy Guy 1/101