Danger Mario Run

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The Danger Mario Run is a type of Challenge Run in the Paper Mario series. The basic premise is to keep Mario at the lowest possible health - 5 HP - while reaping the benefits of several badges to increase survival chances. It is well-known in the community for being very challenging and luck-based, as almost any attack can kill Mario, resulting in an immediate Game Over.


The basic rules of Danger Mario are keeping Mario at 5 HP as soon as the option becomes available, namely when one unlocks the ability to meet Chet Rippo, as early as the first chapter. Additional rules include only ever upgrading FP and BP and never HP, never leveling up past Level 18, and not equipping badges such as HP Plus.


The Danger Mario run has been completed and recorded by the following figures in the Paper Mario community:

  • Kappy
  • Olmi
  • Koop
  • Natnew
  • Demonetization Ball
  • Swift