Blooper (Enemy)

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Blooper Main.png

Blooper is a miniboss fought in Toad Town Tunnels.


Stat Value
Level 44
Max HP 30
Attack 3
Defense 0
Type Flying
Dizzy Odds 80% 4 turns
Shrink Odds 90% 2 turns
Shock Odds 90% 2 turns
Sleep Odds 70% 3 turns
Stop Odds 100% 3 turn
Resistance None
Weakness None
Power Bounce Multiplier 90


There are three locations in Toad Town Tunnels, where Bloopers will appear. This Blooper will be the first encountered regardless of the location. The locations include: 2 screens left of the entrance (the room with Shrink Stomp), 1 screen to the left of the entrance (the room with the three warp pipes) and finally the room under the entrance with the basin (only encountered on the right side of the basin when landing on the dock panel). Since you need to cross the basin to gain access to the Ultra Boots, at least this Blooper battle is required. Although it can still be skipped with the Blue House Skip glitch.


The Blooper appears alone in battle.

Move Effect
Spinning Drop 3 damage (Physical)
Ink Blast 3 damage


This is a Blooper. Bloopers lurk in the dank pools of Toad Town Tunnels. Max HP: 30, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 They seem pretty unremarkable. Although... You have to wonder how they float in the air like that...