Bill Blaster

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BillBlaster Main.png

The Bill Blasters act as a mini-boss guarding the final room in Koopa Bros. Fortress.


Stat Value
Level 10
Max HP 4
Attack 0
Defense 1
Type Ground
Air Lift Odds 20%
Fright Odds 0%
Hurricane Odds 15%
Dizzy Odds 0%
Shrink Odds 50% 3 turns
Shock Odds 0%
Sleep Odds 0%
Stop Odds 0%
Resistance None
Weakness None
Power Bounce Multiplier 100
Base Coins 1
Bonus Coins 1 to 3
(Button A.png Presses) to Run Away N/A
Item Drop rate N/A
Items within Drop Rate N/A


Three Bill Blasters are set up by the Koopa Bros. on the highest floor of their fortress to prevent Mario from advancing into the final room where Eldstar is held. They infinitely shoot out Bullet Bills until defeated. The Bill Blasters can be first struck to engage in combat.


The Bill Blasters are only fought a single in the game. The three of them are fought at once.

Move Effect
Bullet Shot Releases a Bullet Bill
Reload Nothing

Bill Blasters shoot out a Bullet Bill on the odd turns, and reload every even turn. Weirdly, if no Bullet Bills are present, the Bill Blasters located in the back can be struck by ground attacks such as Hammer or Bomb.