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Bandit Main.png

Bandits are regular enemies encountered by Mario during his journey in Dry Dry Desert.


Stat Value
Level 9
Max HP 5
Attack 2
Defense 0
Type Ground
Air Lift Odds 90%
Fright Odds 90%
Hurricane Odds 90%
Dizzy Odds 90% 3 turns
Shrink Odds 90% 3 turns
Shock Odds 100% 4 turns
Sleep Odds 70% 3 turns
Stop Odds 100% 3 turns
Resistance None
Weakness None
Power Bounce Multiplier 80
Base Coins 1
Bonus Coins 1 to 3
(Button A.png Presses) to Run Away 36
Item Drop rate 5/101
Items within Drop Rate Honey Syrup 100%


Bandits roam around in various screens of Dry Dry Desert. They have particularly high perception range and start dashing towards Mario at high speed.


Bandits appear in various packs often accompanied by Pokeys.

Move Effect
Thief Bump 2 damage (physical) + steals 10 coins
Escape Runs away from battle

Bandits will keep using Thief Bump until they manage to steal Mario's coins, and when they are holding coins they will always run away. Coins can be recovered with any successful attack except Hurricane and Up&Away, interestingly Air Lift will recover the stolen coins even if unsuccessful. Note that if Mario has less than 10 coins, his remaining coins will still be stolen. Blocking the attack, using the Electrified status or shrinking the Bandit will all prevent your coins from being stolen.


This is a Bandit. Bandits bump into you hard and shake up your pockets. They can steal up to 10 coins. Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0 They'll slyly approach and then slam into you all of a sudden. If you can damage them in an attack, you can get your stolen coins back. Let's beat 'em before they can make off with our loot!



A blue variation of the bandits is found in the game's files, but appears unused in the game.