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Anti Guys appear twice in the game as tough optional mini-bosses.


Stat Value
Level 100
Max HP 50
Attack 10
Defense 0
Type Ground
Dizzy Odds 50% 2 turns
Shrink Odds 50% 2 turns
Shock Odds 60%¹ 3 turns
Sleep Odds 50% 2 turns
Stop Odds 50% 1 turn
Resistance None
Weakness None
Power Bounce Multiplier 75

¹ The Anti Guys encountered in Bowser's Castle have a 50% resistance to shock instead.


An Anti Guy is first encountered in Shy Guy's Toy Box one screen to the left of the blue station. He guards a treasure chest that contains the Power Plus badge and won't allow Mario to access it unless they fight, although if he has a Lemon Candy in his inventory during the conversation, the Anti Guy will propose to exchange the candy for the badge, thus skipping the battle. Anti Guys can be later encountered in Bowser's Castle if the player fails the quiz hosted by the second guard door.

The Anti Guy in Shy Guy's Toy Box has an overworld tattle that goes as follows:

He's a guard named Anti Guy. He's all by himself! And he looks totally weak! never know. Appearances can be deceptive. Just look at me! Hmm... Weak? Or really strong?


A single Anti Guy appears in battle in the toy box, meanwhile, a trio of them can be fought in Bowser's Castle.

Move Effect
Bump Attack 10 damage (Physical)
Acrobatic Flip 12 damage (Physical)


This is an Anti Guy. His attacks are so intense that he's also called Deadly Guy. Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 10, Defense Power: 0 His attack power is 12 when he does an acrobatic attack, so dodge it! This guy is for real, so we'd better take him seriously.