Amazy Dayzee

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AmazyDayzee Main.png

Amazy Dayzees are rare enemies encountered by Mario during his adventure in Flower Fields.


Stat Value
Level 100
Max HP 20
Attack 20
Defense 1
Type Ground
Air Lift Odds 85%
Fright Odds 100%
Hurricane Odds 80%
Dizzy Odds 10% 2 turns
Shrink Odds 10% 3 turns
Shock Odds 10% 2 turns
Sleep Odds 10% 2 turns
Stop Odds 10% 1 turn
Resistance None
Weakness None
Power Bounce Multiplier 70
Base Coins 10
Bonus Coins 0 or 1
(Button A.png Presses) to Run Away 6
Item Drop Rate 20/101
Items within Drop Rate Honey Syrup 48%
Items within Drop Rate Maple Syrup 50%
Items within Drop Rate Jammin'Jelly% 2%


Amazy Dayzees randomly spawn in place of certain Crazee Dayzees in Flower Fields. Unlike other enemies, they flee at the sight of Mario trying to evade combat.


Amazy Dayzees always appear alone in battle.

Move Effect
Lullaby 20 damage + sleep
Escape Runs away from battle

When facing an Amazy Dayzee one should be prepared to end the battle in one turn since they are very prone to escape.


"This is an Amazy Dayzee. Amazy Dayzees are so rare that they're also called the Legendary Crazee Dayzees. Max HP: 20, Attack Power: 20, Defense Power: 1 These guys almost always flee at their first chance. It would be nice to beat one, but be careful! Their attacks pack a powerful punch!"