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Mario Main.png

Mario is the protagonist of the Paper Mario series as well as Super Mario Bros. In the former, he has a different, more simplified appearance to better fit in with the game's artwork. He is an Italian plumber who wears a red cap, a red shirt beneath blue overalls, brown shoes, and white gloves. His hat is adorned with a red M which stands for his name. He also has a mustache under his notably large nose.

Background & Personality

Mario is the protagonist of the series and is almost always controlled by the player except in cutscenes. He doesn't audibly speak, but is implied to do so via hand motions and occasional gibberish, especially when a player chooses a dialog option. He is shown to have good morals, but Partners will often comment if he does something out of character.

He is a denizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, living on Toad Town's outskirts alongside his brother, Luigi. He is considered to be a hero by several of the resident Toads and even by Princess Peach herself.

In Battle

Mario's main methods of attack are the Jump and Hammer actions. He usually is the first to move in battles, but he can switch that with his current partner with the press of a button. Besides those attacks, he also can access his inventory to use items as well as perform tactics such as appealing, running away, or doing nothing on his turn.

Even when it's not his turn, Mario can guard enemy attacks if he presses A at the right time. With perfect timing, he'll perform a Superguard, nullifying all damage from that attack. Some attacks cannot be superguarded.

Additionally, Mario gains more abilities in battle by equipping certain badges. Some of them will grant him entirely new attacks, such as a hammer throw or multi-bounce attack. The hammer and boots also get upgraded periodically throughout the story, increasing overall damage.