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Luigi is an Italian plumber who's the biological brother of Mario. He wears a green hat and shirt, brown shoes, blue overalls, and white gloves. His hat has an L embroidered on it, standing for his own name. He is noticeably taller than his brother.

Background & Personality

Luigi lives with his brother, Mario, in a house outside of Toad Town, although the house is labelled with his more famous brother's name. He is shown to be rather cowardly, being especially afraid of ghosts. He also sometimes feels inferior to his brother, living in his shadow for many years. Of course, he still carries a bond with Mario and would do anything to help him.

Story Progression

Luigi is first seen in the first cutscene of the game, when Parakarry delivers mail to the Mario Brothers' house. He collects the letter from Princess Peach and reads it aloud to Mario. He accompanies the player to Peach's Castle, but stays in the main hall while Mario goes to talk to Princess Peach proper. Following this, Luigi isn't seen much, however if the player later returns to the Mario Brothers' house, they can use the Super Boots' Spin Jump ability to find Luigi's hidden basement.

If the player returns to the house before obtaining the Super Boots, they can hear Luigi down below. If they backtrack as soon as they get the boots before finishing Chapter 3 and go into the basement, Luigi will be present, and will be stunned by the sudden entrance before fleeing the scene, leaving his diary behind. A new chapter is added to the diary after every chapter the player completes.

Luigi later leads the parade during the ending, in a flag-twirling uniform.

In-Game Dialogue

Blank lines indicate another character is speaking.

First Cutscene

Hey Mario! We got a letter from Princess Peach!
I'll read it to you, OK?
All right, let's see...
"I'm throwing a party at my castle today! Mario and Luigi, I would be honored if you both could attend."
"Many guests from distant towns are hoping to meet you."
"There will be tasty sweets and all kinds of entertainment! I hope to see you here soon! Sincerely, Peach."

In Peach's Castle

What a magnificent castle! 
I never get used to this place.
It looks like lots of guests are already here.

Diary Entries

Once again, my brother went on an exciting journey. Once again, he went alone.
It's so unfair! I remember the carefree days when we played golf and tennis and had parties.
I remodeled the house and made a secret basement and my brother has no idea!
It's the perfect place to write in you, my secret diary.
I heard that a ghost appeared in Toad Town today. It was big, really big.
And it had red eyes, a giant gaping mouth, and a mustache.
Because you're my secret diary, I'll tell you the truth: Yaaaah! I hate ghosts!!
What will I do if it appears at night! Come back, Mario! I'm scared! Yikes!
I can feel something behind me. Ahhh! I'm sure it's there, but I can't look back!
No! No! Get away! I think I'll be safe if I don't freeze with fear.
I'll just shut my eyes and take five steps back, and then I'll jump and dash into bed.
Here I go!
A Shy Guy appeared at my house the other day. I found it asleep in my bed! Can you believe it?
I ran after him, but he was way too fast for me. I heard that a lot of Shy Guys also appeared in Toad Town.
Supposedly, they came from Shy Guy's Toy Box. It must be somewhere in town. A Toy Box... I wouldn't mind seeing that.
Maybe they have a Nintendo 64!
The whole Goomba family visited me today. They said that Goombario is in the care of my brother, then they gave me a souvenir!
It was a Goomnut, a special treat from Goomba Village. It looked so yummy I ate it without telling my brother!
My FP increased by 3.
.........You think he'll notice?
I heard that my brother went to Lavalava Island on a tuna. Unbelievable! So unfair!!
I... I... I wanna ride on a tuna, too!
I heard that some Yoshi kids on Lavalava Island got lost and my brother saved them. 
I bet Yoshi kids are just about the cutest things around. I'm a bit jealous of my brother.
I heard a rumor that I actually have lots of fans. Wow! What great news!
To live up to their expectations, I want to play the lead in an adventure!
Of course, my name would have to be in the title. That'd be sweet...
But I know it'll never happen...
I heard that a door appeared in Toad Town. They say it leads to Flower Fields.
I guess lots of Flower Spirits live in that flowery place. Flower Spirits...
I bet their souls are as beautiful as the prettiest flowers...
Somebody said to me that a way will open when you use a scarf and a bucket...
What? A scarf for a snowman? Wouldn't it melt him?
Yesterday, I got stuck in the trapdoor when I was entering my secret room... Have I been using it too much?
Or am I putting on weight? I'd better oil it to make it open easier.
When I looked up at the sky tonight I saw a shooting star racing across the sky toward Peach's Castle.
I made a wish to the Stars right away, but I wonder if it will really be granted... What I wished was...............
I can't write it even though this is a secret diary. Aargh! You can see it even though I erased it!
(My wish is to sleep in the top bunk bed.)
I heard that my brother finally saved Princess Peach! Bowser increased his power with the Star Rod but my brilliant brother beat him anyway!
I guess he'll be coming back home pretty soon. I'm looking forward to listening to the story of his adventure.
Anyway, I'm going to finish this diary for now. I have to seal this room off before he notices that I remodeled without telling him.
Now I'm going to prepare a dinner to celebrate Mario's return!


...Ohhh. So that's it, huh? That's how you took the Star Rod back from Bowser.
The castle's back in it's normal place and everyone's returned home safely...
...I know you've been back for several days now, but I'll bet you still kind of feel like you're on an adventure. Don't you?

That reminds me... The pals who traveled with you... I wonder what they're up to now...

Huh? Did you hear something outside? I think I did. I'll go take a quick look.
Hey, bro, guess what? Parakarry stopped by to drop off a party invitation from Princess Peach.
He said that he's also invited, so he took off and said he'd see us at the castle when we arrived.
Now, we'd better go, too!
Ok... Listen, Mario. I'm just gonna run ahead. There's something important that I have to do. 
What is it? Sorry, bro... It's top secret!