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Lady Bow, also referred to as simply Bow, is a Boo encountered in Chapter 3: The "Invincible" Tubba Blubba in Paper Mario. She is found in Boo's Mansion and can be described as the leader of the Boos. Before joining Mario, she is almost always accompanied by Bootler. She is the fifth of the many Partners Mario can recruit.

Background & Personality

Lady Bow is the leader of the Boos, especially in Forever Forest and Gusty Gulch. She can be described as stuck-up due to her royal origins. Before Mario arrives in Forever Forest, she orders her peasant boos to capture the Star Spirit, Skolar, hoping that it would help save her people from the threat of Tubba Blubba.

Story Progression

Once Mario makes it to Boo's Mansion and solves a few puzzles, Bow decides that he could help her defeat Tubba Blubba once and for all. As such, she joins Mario and the party sets out for Gusty Gulch, where Tubba Blubba is first truly encountered. After that, Mario heads to Tubba Blubba Castle to confront him, though he and his partners must be stealthy.

Eventually, they face against Tubba Blubba's Heart and eventually successfully defeat him. Lady Bow releases Skolar, but decides to permanently join Mario, "like it or not." She doesn't have a story-important role for the rest of the game, though a Boo in Boo's Mansion during Chapter 4 seems to refer to her in a scribble.

Overworld Ability

When standing still, you can press Button CDown.png to activate Bow's ability, Outta Sight. This move turns Mario and Bow invisible, making them immune to battle initiation through contact as well as making all enemies ignore the duo while the move is held. Mario cannot move in this state, making it only useful for sneaking past falling obstacles and patrolling enemies.

Battle Abilities


  • Power:
    • Regular: 4-6 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Super Ranked: 8-12 (Depending on Action Command)
    • Ultra Ranked: 12-18 (Depending on Action Command)
  • FP Required: None
  • Action Command: Rapidly tilt Button AnLeft.png and Button AnRight.png.
  • Target: One Enemy

Outta Sight

  • Effect: Mario and Bow are turned invisible, making them invulnerable to attacks for a few turns.
  • FP Required: 2
  • Action Command: None
  • Target: Mario and Self


  • Super Rank Required
  • Effect: Scares enemies, forcing them to flee the battle.
  • FP Required: 3
  • Action Command: Repeatedly tilt Button AnLeft.png until meter is full.
  • Target: All Enemies

Fan Smack

  • Ultra Rank Required
  • Power: 15
  • FP Required: 5
  • Action Command: Repeatedly tilt Button AnLeft.png until meter is full.
  • Target: One Enemy