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Bombette Main.png

Bombette is one of your partners (the third one you obtain) in Paper Mario. She is a confident and strong-willed Bob-Omb who accompanies Mario on his quest to save Princess Peach.

Background & Personality

Bombette is a young, vivacious Bob-Omb who previously worked for the Koopa Bros. along with several other Bob-Ombs, eventually becoming a prisoner and escaping with the help of Mario to join him on his adventure. Physically, Bombette stands out from other Bob-Ombs, being the only one with a pink body and white turn knob without holes. Her shoes are a brighter shade of orange than other Bob-Ombs and her golden-coloured fuse is frayed on the end in the shape of a ponytail. Bombette has an energetic and cheerful personality. At times, she can be seen as passionate, displaying explosive outbursts such as when she exploded in front of the Koopa Bros, causing her to become a prisoner along with other rebellious Bob-Ombs. She is also slightly airheaded, not realizing that she could simply explode to escape her prison until the player demonstrates this to her. Throughout the story, Bombette hints at having a crush on Mario, giving him kisses occasionally.

Story Progression