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Action Commands are the controller inputs that must be used to perform many attacks and maneuvers throughout the Paper Mario series. Their complexity can range from pressing or holding a single button, to mashing a button, to more tricky ones such as quickly inputting a random series of buttons. If the command is performed correctly, the action will proceed. If it is done incorrectly, the attack will either do reduced damage or do nothing at all.

Types of Action Commands

Timed Button Press - The user is required to press a button at a certain time. One example is Mario's jump attack, which gains a second hit if the button is correctly timed.

"Mash" Input - Requires the user to repeatedly press a certain button, usually to fill up a meter of sorts. An example would be Parakarry's Air Lift.

Hold and Release - The user must hold the input until they are indicated to stop. One such example is Mario's Hammer attacks.

Sequence - A randomly-generated series of inputs shows up that the player has to repeat back in order to proceed. Occurs with Sushie's Tidal Wave attack.